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Somerset College is the smartest school on the gold coast. it has recieved the most OP's for many years in a row and is not a very religious school
girls wear plaid skirts boys where grey pants:)
by 123456PREP August 25, 2005
St Lukes is one of the best Private schools in Fairfield County. its student body consits of preppy and well off childern that are smart and talented at sports. The school uniform is for the ultimate prep (Khakis, Oxford or Polos, Ribbons belts, cableknit sweaters) The students that drive most likely have a Jeep or a cool Audi. The school is small with about 60 students per grade, and very exclusive to get into. The teachers are nothing but the best and have friendly relationships with the students. Everyone at st lukes is involved and loving their life:)
if you go to StLukes you call it SLS and your end of the year party will be at one of you friends mansions
by 123456PREP August 25, 2005

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