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Derogatory name given to cross country runners, most of which are actually popular at school.
"If you call me a cross country geek one more time, I'll kick your fricken ass!"
by 123454321 June 12, 2006
The ultimate pussy sport in high school. Played by outta shape kids who think they're athletic, but really couldn't run a mile if their lives depended on it.
Guy 1: Hey don't you have a baseball game tonight?
Guy 2: Nope. It got canceled. There's a puddle on the field.
by 123454321 June 12, 2006
A place that is not as bad as people say. There are way to many creepy goth, punk, and emo kids in high school though.
Our high school is full of goth fags.
by 123454321 June 13, 2006

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