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n. One who knocks the fork off of people's plates. Extremely offensive term in New Zealand, especially if spoken in a New Zealand accent.
New Zealand Dude: "Hey dude, what's up?"

Other New Zealand Dude: "Bugger off ya fork-knocker!"

First New Zealand Dude: *pulls out knife and cuts off ballsack of Second New Zealand Dude* "I'LL SHOW YOU FORK-KNOCKER!!"
by 11click March 12, 2010
A kind old man who lives in a cave on the mountainside, coming down only on every other Thursday to steal the shoelaces out of all the left shoes in the village.
Dude: Man watch out, that guy is such a Katsumi!

Dude 2: No! Stay away from my left shoelace!
by 11click March 12, 2010

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