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3 definitions by 1.tonie

a dark vomit-like sludge that is violently ejected from the body after a long night of heavy drinking way beyond the victim's usually high tolerance combined with copious amounts of spicy (hot) and spiced (flavourful) food that is so disgusting that the ejection and substance leaves the victim weaker than recovering from the alcohol poisoning while not in hospital; similar to but not being bile.
Dude, last night Jake and I went out for dinner. We each had 2 bottles of red; I had tandoori chicken and he had tikka masala. By 1am we both had concentrated evil coming outta us all over the place. I think I pulled a coupla muscles just releasing that mess. It was seriously weaksauce. Then I had to get up and go to this meeting for 8:30! It seriously became a sit'n.
by 1.tonie May 12, 2008
(pronounced sitch-in): when any bad situation, but usually work- or relationship-related, goes from difficult to an all-out fiasco.
Work: I forgot to take off for my anniversary tomorrow and my boss just dumped a 3-week project in my lap and told me to have it finalized by tomorrow at 2pm; I am going to have to stay here all night to get this done. I am in a serious sit'n, my boyfriend's going to kill me.

Dating: My fiance told me he would leave his wife, he still hasn't, but he did tell her about me. Only now, she's calling me all day and night crying into the phone and hanging up. His solution is to ignore her until he can find a new apartment and move out. This has turned into a ridiculous sit'n.
by 1.tonie May 12, 2008
euphamism for needing to take an immediate, emergency-level wicked, gnarly shit.

Originated from an incident where a very distant acquaintance went to a friend's brand new house (they had just moved in,) took their portable house telephone, and christened their basement bathroom by taking a long and very stinky shit while making several long-distance phone calls.
Person1: Dude! Pull over, I need to use the phone!
Person2: Dude! We're almost there! Just hold it for half an hour and we'll be at Jake's house. You can make your phone call there.
Person1: Dude! This is gonna be long-distance! Pull Over NOW!
<20 minutes later Person2 emerges from the first toilet to be found on the side of the road>
Person2: Dude. Hope the next tool passing through doesn't need TP.
Person1: Dude?! <shakes head with disgust and pulls back onto the road>
by 1.tonie May 12, 2008