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1 definition by 1-11brooklyn

Once known as Yellow Hook, Bay Ridge is a diverse neighborhood in Brooklyn. It is mainly a middle class area with also a large number of lower middle class residents, and a small number of upper class residents. The neighborhood was once famous for its large Irish, Norwegian and Italian population; but today there are many other races including Arabic, Greek, Asian, and Hispanic. Bay Ridge is also known for its high quantity of bars, and liquor stores. Once quoted as being "the land of bars and churches" Bay Ridge still holds some of its original character, and is still known as a drinking neighborhood. Contrary to belief Bay Ridge is not an upscale rich neighborhood. It is a very diverse working class area, with many different types of cultures and ethnicities mixing.
Tourist: Where are the good bars?
Person: Bay Ridge Brooklyn.
by 1-11brooklyn November 12, 2008
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