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An involuntary rapid blinking of eyes in response to bright or blinking lights, usually the after affects of taking such drugs as extacy on the comedown. The user feels no pain from the condition and often finds pleasure in the experience resting in a corner somewhere watching the light shows.
A: Yo, my eyes are blinking to the strobe lights

B: You've got wiggly eyes, just enjoy the trip
by 1 a/\/ d 0 /\/ l y August 31, 2005

Term used to describe the rapid additon of images and pictures to an imageboard (a.k.a. |chan|). This is often done when a forum has become slow or inactive. Flooding may also occur when a topic is a very popular topic, theme, or sage.

A few of the popular image boards to check out:
yo, check out the pedobear flood.
by 1 a/\/ d 0 /\/ l y July 06, 2006

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