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A term scene kids use to describe how bad their sickle-cell anaemia (or drepanocytosis) is, they also suffer from mild strokes which can result from a progressive vascular narrowing of blood vessels, preventing oxygen from reaching the brain. thus making them brain damaged which leads to their l33t typing that no one can understand.
lolcats user: Dood i haz chezburger!

translated: Someone get me my pacemaker!
#sickle cell #leet #lol #cats #lolcats #scene
by 0wning August 09, 2009
term used for aussies females that are crazy and believe i things that are not real.
oh man that siaarn was nuts.
#aussie #nuts #crazy #digimon #dylanaqua
by 0wning August 13, 2008
The face your girlfriend / one night stand makes when you shoot cum at her face.
My dick had a cast delay so my dick made her -_-
#shoot #shot #cum #cast delay #insta cast
by 0wning August 08, 2009
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