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Starting off in the late 40's, through the combining of probably at most blues and jazz, Rock N Rooll was born with artists like Chuck Berry and Elvis, onward to Blues Style rock with Hendrix, Beatles and Cream, many peole agrued on who was best (Hendrix or Clapton) then came Art rock, which is like slow druggy music which involves David Bowie and Pink Floyd. Enter heavy metal which was started by Black Sabbath, foloowed by Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and then Metallica. Along comes punk with bands liek Sex Pistols and The Ramones. Punk only lasted a few years. During the time when metal and punk were at war a 2 types of music came in pop rock and stadium rock pop rock:Led Zep, Stadium rock: The Police, neither of these were at war. Punk died and metal carried on for lil while more. Next up a band named Guns N Roses come up and added pop rock to metal and made a neew type of music. Durin that galm came along like Motley Crue, which too slowly died like punk. Next came some rebellious music and some of my faveourite type of music) grunge and alternative rock come along with Nirvana as probably the most popular and RATM, Pearl Jam, Black Flag and Soundgarden following closely. These showed messages of fighting against corparations, but not all the time. Nirvana never did stuff like that, they played some good a stuff. Now today there are two types at war Indy and Emo. With Indy which is popular with the general public and Trendies with bands like Kaiser Chiefs and The Kooks, and Emo whcih is liked with people obviously called emos with bands like BFMV and MCR. But in the middle is progressvie rock with Muse in the middle. Who knows what will happen next...
Blues n Jazz 20's: Muddy Waters, Rock N Roll 40's: Chuck Berry, Blues Rock: Jimi Hendrix Experience, Art Rock 70's: Pink Floyd, Metal 70's: Black Sabbath, Punk 70's: Sex Pistols, Pop Rock 70's: Led Zeppelin, Stadium Rock 70's: Bon Jovi, Glam Metal 70's: KISS, Grunge 80's-90's: Rage Against The Machine, Indy 90's: Razorlight, Emo 00's: MCR, Progressive 90's-00's: Muse. Thats Rock Music.
by 0r3hr471ug December 27, 2007

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