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2 definitions by 0ps

Command used to Run and tell that or runteldat when stuck at a computer.
errbody has joined #rapists
<errbody> WE GON FIND U
* errbody hides the kids
* errbody hides the wife
* errbody hides the husband
* pb34r (anon34 @lincoln-park.al.comcast.com) Quit (CLIMBING OUT YOUR WINDOW)
by 0ps September 28, 2010
n. Diarrhea induced by eating food from a cafeteria, particularly school or work cafeterias.
Person A: What's for lunch?
Person B: I dunno.
Person A: Cafeteria again?
Person B: I'll pass. I had cafeterrhea all last night.
Person A: How about lunch buffet at El Pollo Chipotle across the street?
Person B: Alright, I'll settle for quesarrhea.
by 0ps July 29, 2010