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4 definitions by 0men

1) a Fish from a Pixar movie

2) a captain from 20,000 leagues under the sea

3) a name someone signs their work of art with as a means of remaining temporarily anonymous. (usually so they can re-release the art after getting a reputation in the artistic community.)

4) an alias specifically used to have people forget your real name. A person doing that is "pulling a Nemo" (it could be with any name, but it has to be memorable.)
1) I love Finding Nemo! that's such a good movie

2.) Captain Nemo's badass!

4.) person1: haha i just met this chick named Miley

person2: dude, she's pulling a nemo. That's probably not even her real number.

person1: awwww. :(
by 0men May 12, 2011
the look on one's face when listening to the drop in a dubstep track.

inspired by the phrase, "the better the bass, the derpier the face."
"Dude. Is Steve having a stroke"

"Nah, bro. That's his bassface."

"oh. well, that explains the erection."

*laugh track*
by 0men August 14, 2011
A coffee mug filled with straight dark rum. Not to be confused with actual coffee.
person 1: did you start your day with pirate coffee?
person 2: yes; why?
person 1: you're not wearing any pants.

*laugh track*
by 0men October 08, 2011
propaganda produced by your mom as to persuade you to do stuff or to like her more.
mom: I was watching Oprah and I saw this mom who abandoned their kids. I, of course, would never do that.

me: take it easy on the momaganda, mom. i love you enough. jeez.
by 0men October 09, 2011