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A private Quaker school that consists of intelligent, athletic, funny, beautiful, hot, outstanding, incredible, all around amazing, top notch students.. oh wait, not anymore, '09 is gone..
"where are the lolcatz?" "gone"

"Oh so who's racing friday at 3 pm?" "no one "

"so who's suspended this week?" "no one"

"where are the jabbaweezzys?" "gone."

"where are the gold fish in the toilets?" "their gone"

"is there a disco party in the cafeteria?" "no."

"yo man party this weekend?" "no we havent done that since 09"

"whos yelling butt sex?" "no one"

"has anyone taken over the world lately?" "no"

"is it hammertime?" "not anymore"

"are we allowed to sit on the stage this year?" "yes"

"why are all the teachers bored" "09 isn't here to entertain"

"what happened to wilmington friends school?" "it sucks because 09 is gone."
by 09hammertime November 27, 2009
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