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The act of fucking multiple men during a military deployment or field exercise. Soldiers sleep on cots with the hot cotter moving from cot to cot, sometimes in the course of just one night.
Private Calambro came back pregnant, but since she was a regular hot cotter we'll never know who the real father is.
by 080080 April 23, 2009
the maximum amount of army gear that a soldier can be expected to carry, including but not limited to: helmet, goggles, flak vest, tac vest, pistol belt, canteen, protective (gas) mask, mopp gear, ruck sack, poncho, cold weather gear, go to war pack, etc
Wake up! Formation in ten! Uniform is full battle rattle!
by 080080 April 27, 2010
military jargon for an intensive, top-down, inside-out group cleaning of a barracks, typically in preparation for an inspection.
*reads notice*


PVT Snuffy: Shit, there's a GI party tonight.

PV2 Soupsandwitch: Let's hide in our room and pretend we didn't see the bulletin.
by 080080 August 02, 2010
the act of stepping into a hot shower with an ice cold six pack of beer and only exiting after all the beer has been consumed, usually after a prolonged period of being shower-free.
after spending 2 weeks in the wilderness with nothing but water to drink and baby wipes to clean with, that six pack shower really hit the spot.
by 080080 March 19, 2011

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