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A cadet at the Virginia Military Institute. Since it's the south, it was pronounced keydet. They are bad asses and steal all of our hott chicks.
My girlfriend dumped me for one of those keydets because he's hardcore.
by 04djvmi April 02, 2005
The term shouted very loudly and hoarsely after taps. This usually only lasts a few minutes, until CQ is called. Usually at 11, you will hear mutltiple shoutings for this very popular name.
Oh snap, it's taps, I gotta go to the door to be the first to yell CIRILLO! Damn, that echoed!
by 04djvmi April 02, 2005
The dyke of all dykes at VMI. Includes at least one article of every uniform prescribed in the blue book. Also may include multiple sabers. When completed, the unifrom will scare away any communists trying to invade.
After dressing Cirillo in every uniform he owned, layer upon layer, he was finally wearing the Uber Dyke, with 3 sashes and 3 sabers.
by 04djvmi April 02, 2005

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