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Sheep, mainly people who are apparently "depressed" / "misunderstood" / "alone" etc. etc. so on and so forth some often try to self harm...but in the end most can't even cut themselves properly, they don't have a sense of individuality, thats why they are sheep, they just follow the trend because someone else is, and they are because someone else is, and the cycle continues, they listen to depressive music claiming to be "in touch with their emotions" but actually aren't, the male emo's are often thought to be gay, with long hair and feminine looking clothing, could be classed as a new species, and the female emo's ruin themselves with pointless random piercings...
Guy1 "That guy over there looks like a woman, he has long hair with a tight jumper and skin tight jeans"

Guy2 "I know, he's just an emo...he listens to depressive music and cuts himself while crying himself to sleep"

Guy1 "Oh right, lets take the piss outta him"
by 00zero February 25, 2007

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