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A story of sex to make you horny so you can make your own
Jeanne was the best looking girl on campus. Every guy wanted her. I was lucky enough to get that wish. She was my roommate but she was WAY out of my league...or so i thought. After i got back from classes i took a shower. I heard the door open and close and heard Jeanne say You in there matt? I yelled back yea. she said in a slighty sexy voice ok be out of there in 3 minutes. I just thought i had imagined the voice but when i got out and got into my clothes and opened the door she was on the bed naked except for a br and panties. She said Matt help me get this bra of please. Hey if the near nakedness wasnt enough you could not mistake the sexy tone. Okay i said acting cool but you could see my hard dick a mile away. I undid the strap while taking of my shirt. She turned round and said oh you can play with them to. He then started undoing my pants and ripped them off boxers and all. She started giving me a blow job. I just couldnt wait and pulled of the panties. She said hey get the condoms first. I reached in the bed side table with one hand and played with her boobs with the other. I rolled it on. I then shoved my dick
into her pussy as fast as i could. She screamed with ecstacy as i hit her g spot. She orgasmed three times then told me to pull out. We went into the 69 position. My whole senior year we did this then we got married. We still have great sex today. This is my sex story
by 00440033 February 01, 2012

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