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2 definitions by .annA

The quality of being a sober person. A person who drinks a lot is drunk, and a person who does not dink has the quality of being sober, they are sobritious.
Me: "You are the alchoholic Ying to my sobritious Yang."
You: "Hey, sobritious isn't a word!"
Me: "Yes it is, you're just a drunk and don't know any better!"
by .annA May 07, 2007
To disrobe a person... just in a discrete way... so they almost don't notice.
You: "What's he doing? "
Me: "Huh...oh derobing me...I didn't even notice!"
Him: "Mwa Ha Ha Ha, I know how to derobe a person in 1.5 seconds."
by .annA May 07, 2007