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Pronunciation: \`di-räg\

(n) The root of the word "derogatory." When applied to a person it indicates simply that the speaker wishes to insult that person. Its nice, hard consonents at either end, and the fact that it has no specific meaning add to the impact of the insult. Takes adjectives well.

Used similarly to "bastard" when that word is not used to refer to a person's parentage.
You're a filthy, stinking derog.
by .NatCh January 26, 2009
\Èbrag-wer\ noun

Hardware or software features that will rarely, if at ever, see any actual use by the person who owns it (showing off to buddies not counting as actual use), but which either sound cool, or are thrown in for no apparent reason other than to give the marketing department something to add to the bullet list of features on the packaging or press release.

Similar to vaporware, except that instead of being something non-existent which is hyped, bragware is something that is hyped but you wonder why anyone would ever make it in the first place.
This GPS receiver has a great screen, the direction "reading" is well done, and the maps are excellent, but the built in map light is just bragware -- how often would anyone really use it?

Why on Earth would anyone put an MP3 Player in an electric screwdriver? I know they're dirt cheap to make now, but it's really just bragware, isn't it?
by .NatCh May 10, 2011
1. double edged words
2. lowest form of humor
3. highest use of language
The only good pun is a bad pun.
by .NatCh April 01, 2010

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