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TacoSnowball is the act of performing cunnilingus on a female in which you had just ejaculated in.


What you would wrap a Utah Jazz fan or player in prior to sending them to the North Pole to freeze their biatch off.
OMG Brad in Spring Branch just performed a TacoSnowball on Andrei Kirlenko and SHE TOTALLY LOVED IT!!1!111
by ...ryan March 26, 2009
A money maneuver in which a man takes a woman and flips her over for the purpose of fornicating her from behind. Very effective means to not having to look at an ugly chick in the face while still engaging in coitus with her. Bonus points if a luchador mask is involved.
Lance - Granato picked up another sexy granny from the bar the other night.

Solis - How can he look at himself in the mirror in the morning?

Lance - My guess is he utilized The Ol' Fliparoo as to avoid eye contact with the broad.

Solis - Ahh, I see. Very smooth.

Lance - Smooth indeed, friendo.

Solis - Ohh Granato
by ...ryan April 03, 2009
Similar to the gorilla face, the "Sandman" is the act of receiving a blowjob on the beach, and pulling out right before ejaculation and blasting all over the girls face and making her all cumfaced and stuff...

Then a handfull of sand is thrown it in the girls face so its sticks all over her face and mixes with the jizz and is all nasty and crusty. Then, the ejaculator raises arms triumphantly yells SANDMAN!1!!!arrrrgghhghhhh!!!!!!
Tonya gave me head on the beach last night and I totally gave her a Sandman and made her walk home. Stupid slut.
by ...ryan February 23, 2008

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