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*Rock is.........a severe mental condition which 85% of teenagers suffer from.

Symptoms are:

-Rebelling against grandparents
-Throwing hissyfits if you don't get your way, always
-Crying yourself to sleep ...or at least claiming you do
-Giving up at life (e.g., suicidal thoughts)
-Claiming that you are a grammar nazi but in reality you can't spell for shit
-Complaining of the area you reside in, and the people you reside with (e.g., grandpa who gives up his bed for your friend, mother who likes to fall asleep on the sofa while watching Evanescence mvs, etc.)
"My life sucks..."
"My grandfather took the bed.."
"..He's an old man, he deserves it."
"You're being a rock."
.. What?
*hand on temple*

"Hey guys, tomarrow we're gonna go to streat robbings!"
"Stop being such a rock."

"This is my only Halloween on a Friday......"
"My life sucks"
"Will you stop being a fucking rockle goddamn"

by ....D March 04, 2009

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