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she is fucking hot az hell i wanna fuck the shit outta her
by .......... October 10, 2003
1.when a guy gets a boner or hard-on

2. that really annoying song thats one of the car commericals, but i dont really pay attention so idk wut car it is.
1. Jane was getting Dick hard like a rock.
2. Like a rock, yea-a, like a rock...
by .......... February 04, 2004
Jus ready the word FFS!!
BT is a Spunkbubble.
by .......... June 02, 2003
common insult in groups of sad acts. e.g RT
by .......... June 02, 2003
gay people who have no lives who sit on the porches drinking beers
I'm a stupid redneck who sits on my porch all day and who drinks beer
by .......... August 21, 2003
a gay ass fucking school in gay ass fucking hammond indiana. the student are gay, the staff is gay, even the fucking janitors are gay
by .......... July 08, 2003
to grab someones ass or possibly breasts when they are in a crowded area so they dont no who did it and they cant yell at you if they figure out it was you. good for both men and women to do.
come on ppl u havent done this b4?
by .......... February 04, 2004

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