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the best place in the world


Mini golf, babes, beaches, waves, scooners wharf, fantasy island, bay village, dairy queen, acme market, that little old shack on the causeway, beach haven, ron jon surf shop-enough said
hey do you wanna go to heaven aka six miles and sea aka long beach isalnd?

sure lets go
by ... December 27, 2004
Pretty decent school with a total of 3 black people and (supposedly) 1 hispanic. Throws decent basement parties. Thinks 86 sucks. Everyone there knows that basketball is just a warm-up season for Lacrosse and Soccer. Not very urban. Actually, not urban in the slightest bit.
Seen that ghetto kid? He's not from Falmouth Academy.
by ... December 21, 2004
when it takes 60 people with the same definitions to define one thing, there you have a group of loser, plural form losers
these people aren't satisfied with one example, they need 60 more
by ... September 30, 2003
national weed smoking day. light em up at 4:20 pm or am.
man, i cant wait for 4-20 to come. its almost as good as christmas.
by ... April 24, 2005
The incredibly ghetto school on the eastern side of cranston, RI. made up of two buildings: main, and briggs. our mascot is the "Thunderbolt" (so what if there's no such thing!). we barely have a roof, we have walls made of particle board dividing half the classrooms, and the heating does not work at all. on the bright side, we have the state's only competitive marching band, and the sexiest tuba section in new england, and possibly the east coast. other good points include a kick-ass AJROTC drill team.

kids at east do weed, while the preppy westies do coke because mommy and daddy can afford it.
announcement over the PA system(this seriously did happen): we must warn students not to use the doors going to briggs, because the tires keeping the synthetic membrane (tarp!) have begun to be blown off, due to the wind. we do not want any injuries due to falling tires, so, again, we urge students to find alternate routes in and out of the building.
by ... March 20, 2005
A clothing company that made jackets back in the 1980s. They were popular to wear and simply said "Members Only" on them. Wierd, but it was the 80s...
Cool Members Only jacket dude. Let's go listen to Devo.
by ... October 31, 2004
a hairstyle, generally more common with men, where the hair in the front is combed up/high and usually twirled in a cone-like shape or curl.
- Conan O'Brien is the sexiest example of a man with a pompadour!

- John Travolta in 'Grease'
- All of the guys in 'The Outsiders'
(basically any dude in a greaser flick)

- Also popular amongst people in Rockabilly bands.
by ... April 06, 2005

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