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opposite of a metrosexual- a guy who doesn't care about his looks
I'm so over boys being prettier than me, my new boyfriend is totally retrosexual.
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
The waif-like girls in opaque tights who rule the art galleries in Chelsea and other art districts. Like ballerinas, they are generally delicate-looking, coiffed, and can come off as cold.
As we perused the art, we tried to avoid the gallerinas.
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
refers to an older woman in 'younger' clothing; looks 16 from the back, but 61 from the front.
Ew, how 1661 is she?
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
gay arm candy, generally on celebrities
My date bailed last minute, so I brough my best motialite friend.
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
slang for "cocktails and appetizers"
Let's go out for cocks and apps.
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
A fake item posing as true Chanel
Her flats are so Chan-hell.
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007
A knockoff posing as a true Lanvin.
She tells everyone her purse is Lanvin, but really it's Flanvin.
by ...<@!+Y March 19, 2007

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