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The official My chemical romance street team run my warner brothers, it on The street network (TSN) which also runs street teams for a wide range of bands. Members of the street team refer to themselves as "soilders of the MCRmy". They promote My chemical romance through concerts, flyers and online promotion. Some promoters are even awarded M&G's with the band.They currenly have 60,000+ members. Its is one of the MOST active street teams. I'm not suprised.
"The MCRmy sucks"

Translantion: *is jealous*
by -xMEx- August 16, 2007
A Teenie is an obssesive girl (sometimes boy) ,usually a teenager, who like someone famous for their looks rather than talent.
They can been seen in places like buzznet, live journal etc.
Some DARING ones even write fanfiction... ¬.¬
They are most commonly kown for being rude, annoying, competitive and most of all...their lack knowledge for the english language.
zOMggg! j3r4ld wy i55 t0 lYK ttLY d13 fOR!!!

stupid teenie...
by -xMEx- August 16, 2007

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