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Battersplank or Battersplanks (plural)
is a word used to characterize sudden suprise in any given situation. Often used by young men who believe they have the ability to impress there friends with there knowledge of German.
<Cops bust into a apartment when you are lighting a fat blunt>

Battersplank! - the pig are have come to spoil my crops!
by -oo00Rich00oo- June 04, 2003
Win - doh! - s (name popularised by frequent system crashes)

An operating system pioneered by Homer Simpson of the popular cartoon sitcom "The Simpson".

Homer has now moved from Springfield and lives in a large earthquake proof mansion on a hill somewhere on the Coast of Northern California.
"Marge come here and look at this pretty blue screen on my Win... Doh!"
by -oo00Rich00oo- June 04, 2003

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