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The lenghty urination taken after watching a movie or TV show without a restroom break.
"Where's John?"

"Oh, he had to take a movie piss after watching Titanic."
by -Special Ed- December 06, 2009
Second-grade joke where the victim is asked if he has a "dollar-fifty" (The quarters being testicles and the dollar being a penis) When the victim answers "no" he is then humiliated in front of his peers.
Tom: "Hey Chris, do you have a dollar-fifty?"
Chris: "No, why?"
(large amount of childish laughter)
by -Special Ed- December 06, 2009
Someone you love to hate
"Why do you hang around with that kid?"
"I don't, he's just my frenemy."
"I enjoy treating him like shit."
by -Special Ed- January 01, 2010
One of the best Oasis cover bands of all time.
I love The Beatles's cover of "Hello, Goodbye"
by -Special ed- July 23, 2010

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