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A spiced rum that gives the drinker false confidence in their abilities. They will start with the rum and continue to consume various alcoholic beverages until they are forced to succumb to the darkness that is the Kraken. Few have experienced the nightmare and survived to tell the tale.

WARNING: excessive use may lead to, but not limited to one of the following results... laughing, crying, dry heaves, stumbling, slurring, quickly sitting down, laying down, falling down, violently falling down, vomiting, black outs, black heads, black people, nightmares, night terrors, bad dreams, weird dreams, wet dreams, no dreams, unwanted spooning with members of both sexes, lowered self esteem, or an unprecedented over confidence surpassed by none that will eventually lead to your demise in a foolish and regrettable way. (for other potential symptoms see "Black the fuck out")

...always worth it.
(Jim enters casually): Oh hey there!
Dean: Hello to you good sir, to what do I owe the pleasure?
Jim: I bought us a bottle of Kraken...
(Dean spits out his drink): You what?! You FOOL!!!
Jim: what? I didn't know... we can just take it back...
Dean: No, no you f*ckin' can't. Now man up and prepare to die...
by -Robert Holden November 01, 2010

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