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noun; a school in the glenellyn area. extremely small. and everyone has known each other since like 6th grade. you kno everything about everyone. it is also referred to as club south. because when you say one thing it'll be spread round the whole school by the next day. there is dances in a lunch room, Everyone is in sum click. ((the geeks, preps, emos, gothics,))and the majority of ppl are fake, just trying to be recognized. it is in a town located in bumble fuck, where the only thing to do is go to tacobell or los b's la88te at night, and sit in the parking lot drunk. It has the wierdest groups of people. The school takes everything too seriosuly and has hall monitors that patrol everything,(and waddle!) thinking that when you dont have a pass; the whole world may end. it has rivals of wheaton warrenville south and glenbard west-(snobs.)Where eveyrone hates eachother. it majorly lacks school spirit, we have no classes, a shytty looking school, and no money. cuz of the fricken referendum. cuz our school spends money on bogus stuff no1 cares about. even though there have sum teachers that are fuckin awesome there are a lot some that should fuck themselves, that have nothing better to do then cause trouble cuz the can.or look at kid's myspaces and suspend them. There are no windows, and it looks like a prison . The mascot is a raider, and our colors are red white and blue (how original!)

this is also abreviated as GBS
Alli; Hey where do u go to school?
Jackie; Glenbard south
Alli; damn, u live in bumble fuck then!
by ---cac--- February 21, 2006

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