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Where you spend the night at a friends house, usually girls, aged 9-late teens. Though boys have sleepovers but they call it "spending the night" at someones house. Has absolutely nothing to do with any sexual activities.
I'm going to a sleepover at Ashley's house

For my birthday I am having a sleepover party
by ---anonymous July 23, 2006
A phrase made popular by Paris Hilton.
The phrase is used after basically any statement.
Used in everyday speech.
Jason: Look at those two chicks making out
Ryan: That's hot

Roxy: Like my new Gucci shades?
Lauren: That's hot

Random guy: I robbed a bank
Paris Hilton: That's hot

~ ;)
by ---anonymous August 29, 2006
Was a singing group that didn't sing, but lipsynched.

Now, it can be an insult to someone's singing abilities, or
if something is called "milli vanilli" its reffered to as fake.

Ex. Ashlee: omg jojo is such a good singer!!
Jason: pft. she's no mariah carey.
Mark: she's not even milli vanilli
Jason: LOL!!!

Ex.2 Omg her louis vuitton bag is so milli vanilli
by ---anonymous August 20, 2006
A crayon color by crayola :)

Also a saying when someone is pleased
Can you pass the tickle me pink crayon?

Oh, well thankyou I'm just tickled pink.
by ---anonymous August 20, 2006
how a mentally retarded person says "gurls"
ex. hey gurliez, lets go hit the mall
by ---anonymous August 21, 2006
A heart, very similar to "S2" or "s2"
I Sz you (I love you, I heart you)
by ---anonymous July 23, 2006
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