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This is something you repeat to yourself over and over again as fast as you can when trying to urgently find a toilet because you are holding in a huge bowl movement that feels like it is about to explode out your ass at any unsuspecting momoent.
Your stomach is aching, and gurgling, and you feel you cant hold it any longer.
SO...You ask the teacher for permission to use the bathroom.
"And the teacher allows you"
So you calmly get out of your seat like "No Big Deal" and you slowly head out the door, making sure to close it behind you.
And as soon as the door is closed you break into a super fast speed walk while clinching your butt-cheecks together and repeating to yourself as fast as you can "O.J. Nicholas J. Saint Crapper"....As if it is some kind of prayer that is keeping you from crapping all over yourself.

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