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The stupid thing people with so-called "swagger" do

Where they make a finger gun and make a de-dee-deee face
(aka retard face)
Jill: "You see what that D-bag with the oversized shades just did ?!?!?"

Lily: "that son-of-a btich just flashed us the swaga gunz...OH HELL NO!!!"
by -[M]- July 14, 2011
A term used by urban kids to say they are "chillin wit the homies"
Joe "where you at my ninja"
Lance "in the wash"
Joe "oh siht who you with"
Lance " the homie B-rad and some skank hoes just spittin game"
by -[M]- July 14, 2011
When a so-called "swagged out" person thinks there hot shizz and starts acting like a comeplete c-sucking muff-muncher
Tara:"OMG!! John is such a swagged out D-bag it pisses me off!!!"
Laura:"Like TOTALY!! But hes soo swagged out !!!"
Tara:"I KNOW RITE hes got D-bag swag"
Laura:"Its sorta sexy tho ^_-"
by -[M]- July 14, 2011

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