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Type of Rims. Real name is Rota Slipstreams. Rota is the brand and Slipstream is the spesific style. Most commonly put on imports, like the Acura Integra.
Yo, check out those rims!! I think they're Rota Slips!!
by Max June 07, 2007
Stock Rims put on 94-96 Acura Integra GSR. The 97 GSR's came with LS wheels. The 98-01 GSR's came with Blades
Check out those Fat Fives.
by Max June 07, 2007
Rims that came stock on 94-96 & 98-01 Acura Integra.
Anyone wanna sell me a new set of blades?
by Max June 07, 2007

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