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Nickname used for a brown boy named Mark who's last name starts with Z. Very cute, charming and above all a gentleman. Sucker for a pretty face and a smile. Deffinately a ladies man and all the ladies love him! MarkyZ is unique!
MarkyZ is a sweetheart! I love him!
by *Sarah* March 03, 2005
Although some annoying people insist cheerleading is not a sport, we practice just as hard as any other sport, we condition at every practice, must combine tremendous strength and grace into one full out routine which consists of cheer, dance, jumps, stunts, and attitude in order to compete, and take first place. We run to build stamina for a five minute performance without stopping, and condition more than some football teams. Although some claim we are bitchy I feel anyone who can catagorize a person simply by the sport they may do is stupid. You probably just cannot get with a cheerleader and therefore leave rude comments about them on sites like these. Hey everybody! GROW UP. You couldn't do it if you tried. Don't speak poorly of somrthing you know nothing about :-D **Smiling like a cheerleader** Buh Bye assholes.
Cheerleaders who spend 2-3 hours a day practicing, not only for games (ie basketball or football) but also for competitions in which they compete against challenging competition, often said to not be a sport by ignorant people but quite obviously is.
by *Sarah* June 14, 2004

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