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The word "resistonce" is not meant to be confused with its counterpart "resistance", meaning "a group of persons who oppose a force". The word resistonce means "a group of no more than two persons who,although severly outnumbered, are extremely stubborn to give up their resisting, despite how stupid it may be". This word is pronounced normally with a faulty French accent, and has emphasis on the ending "once", such as the "resistooonnnnnnnnnccccceeeeee!!"
The part "once" is NEVER to be said like the word "once", such as "I once got my head stuck in the toilet." NEVER.
J: "Hey, why don't you help us build our fort?"

M & B *with faulty French accents*: "NEVER!! THE RESISTOOONNNNNNNNCCCCCCEEEE!!"

other J *dead to the world*: "Aaaahgbheh...be quiet!! I'm trying to SLEEP!!"

B & M *more faulty French accents*:"ACK! NO! THE RESISTONCE!!"

*dives back into fort snickering*

J *weirded out*:"oookkkkkk..." *backs away*
by **spazzy** January 18, 2007
Formerly known as "OMG", "GMO" was created by a couple of VERY intelligent people in order to stop the madness that is (or was) "OMG". It can also be known as "GMFO", since, well, you'll know why...the definition of "GMO" is not only oh my goodness! messed up, but is also "goodness! my oligarchy!". However, since recent studies have found that "GMO" ALSO means "genetically modified organism", it has been also been developed int "MOG" (Melon of gum disease)
"I have two thumbs."

"I want to rule you."
by **spazzy** January 18, 2007

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