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The smell/aroma in a room after sex; also called budussy. The 'butt' part refers to the glutial area whereas the 'cut' part refers to the slang term used for 'pussy' or 'sex'.
1: After a night of rigorous sex, the whole room smelled like butt and cut. 2: "Damn K-dog, you and Lisa been fuckin again? It smells like butt and cut up in here, dog!"
by **rawritsccbetch** July 31, 2010
When a person driving past a house or building really fast honks their car horn so the people on the inside of the building come rushing out to see if it's for them or who the person is in general.
Well Cindy, it looks like you were the victim of a drive-by honking.
by **rawritsccbetch** August 05, 2010
A sexual position that relates to the way guidos dance in clubs, i.e. fist pumping in any orifice ( anal oral vaginal ).
Mike: "Yo Pauly, did you hear about what happened to that girl Vinny brought back from the club?"
Pauly D: "Nah brah, what happened?"
Mike: "She got guido'd!"
Pauly D: "Aww shit, brah! That's sick!"
by **rawritsccbetch** January 09, 2012

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