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More commonly referred to as C.A.B.

To engage in banter whilst relying on the assistance of a stolen Birmingham city council traffic cone.

Most effective when directed at Bantagonists or Banter Biters
"Guys why is there a cone behind the door? I just bumped into it and almost dropped my waffles!"

M"For Cone-Assisted Banter!"
by ***Welshy*** February 25, 2009
The act of freezing an item of pivotal importance to a flatmate in an ice-cream tub full of water for no good reason other than banter.

Often used as a good sequel to an episode of cone-assisted banter, especially when directed at the same Banter-biter or Bantagonist. It can be used as an isolated piece of banter or as a part of a larger bantathon.
"Guys, why are my toaster tongs set in a massive block of ice? did you do it to annoy me?"

"No, for Ice-assisted banter"
by ***Welshy*** March 08, 2009
A hit game-show on independent South Wales TV. The show consists of male celebrities taking turns to see how long they can support a medium sized budweiser box on their erect penises.

"Hello, this is Nelson Mandela and you're watching celebrity dick in a box!"

"I'm Sir Alan Sugar and you're watching celebrity dick in a bloody box!"
Good day my name is Archbishop Rowan Williams and you've been watching celebrity dick in a box
by ***Welshy*** September 12, 2010
Describes a situation in a town centre where hot weather can cause an abundance of puppies to be put on display.

If the correct location is chosen these are frequently attractive and often motorboatable.

This high concentration of puppies is only otherwise seen out back at a Korean restaurant.
There were more puppies in town than out back at a Korean restaurant
by ***Welshy*** June 03, 2010

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