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while partner is in bathroom preparing for sex, you shit all over bed and roll in it until you are completely covered (what Arnold does to camouflage himself from the predator). As your partner comes you yell "I'm here do, do it i am here"
Dude, Last night I totally gave wendy the predator.
by **** General June 15, 2009
Walking-the-Wall is a sexual act performed by oneself. You sit against the wall with your ass on the wall and back on the ground and begin to masturbate. As you get closer to climax you put your feet flat on the wall and begin to push off elevating your hips and bringing your dick closer to your face. To finalize the move you blow your load giving your self the old money shot.
Dude do you know how to Walk-the-Wall?
by **** General June 16, 2009

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