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Generic; plain; ordinary.
Employee: "We need some stock and barrel photos for this PowerPoint presentation."

Boss: "What?"
by (r)evolution July 27, 2007
To be completely and utterly pwned by a trip to Mexico. Usually involving severe diarrhea in the form of Montezuma's Revenge. In special cases may involve crapping a chupacabra.
Someone: Just got back from Cancun. I've been camping out in the bathroom.

Someone else: Ooooh. Mexipwnt?

Someone: Yeah.
by (r)evolution January 09, 2008
Mad as hell. About to lay the smack down on some triflin' bitch.
Them's fighting words. She musta been in heat when she said that about Billy's gimp leg.
by (r)evolution September 06, 2007

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