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song by the Amateur Transplants, (one of the funiest bands ever)making fun of drugs today
Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin, it's our brand new wonder drug we think you'll find enticing,
The BMF has 20 thousand different drugs to take, so we thought what could produce to give you all a break,
A droplet can treat anything from leprosy to SARS,
And you can give it in the mouth, IV, or up the ass.
It's Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin, Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin,
It can cure the common cold and being struck by lightning, Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin.

We tested it on animals, and none of them survived, but that's ok 'cause when we wrote the paper up we lied,
It's first choice for MIMS and even for ME, and COPD, HIVP, and DVP.
It reverses impotence and makes you good at fighting,

There's often minor side effects, and some are not that rare, like nausea, vomiting, and losing all your hair, and heart attacks, becoming gay, and growing extra breasts, but it's fucking cheep and hey, this is the NHS.
There are cures for everything from AIDS to pubic lice in,

We make it from the cerabel, the cortex of a bison,
after that it undergoes some polygenic splicing,

It makes you smart as Einstein, and as muscular as Tyson,
and brings it in to all that pharmacology revising,

We sell lots in Japan 'cause it's the antidote to ricein,
The Minister of Health, we hear, will shortly be advising: take Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin!
There are many brands of Satanism, I'll outline 2 of these:

First, there is LaVey (I think) Satanism. This promotes worship of one's self, practicing indulgence in the 7 "deadly" sins, and other such things. This is pretty much just a step up from Atheism where instead of the high range of morals that Atheists have, you get "lower" morals. (An Atheist can still believe in what the Cristian Church preaches in terms of morals. i.e. monogamy, abstinence before marriage, etc. while not believing in God. LaVey Satanists can't have similar morals to the Church.) This practice has nothing to do at all with Lucifer, or any of his followers. These are not bad people, freaks, or any of the other labels they've been given on this site.

Another type of Satanist is the Lucifarian (SP?) Satanists, who worship Lucifer (Satan, The Devil, The Fallen Angel, The Morning Star) as their idol. These people worship Lucifer because he is the bringer of forbidden light, he wanted humanity to have the knowledge that God and his angels do. I think they believe in a sort of "unholy trinity" consisting of Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Astaroth(SP?), though I'm not sure about that last point.
Note: Neither type of Satanism are bad people, they believe what they believe, discriminating against them is just as bad as discriminating against Muslims, Jews, or any other religion. Also, Satanist being anti-Cristian is of no importance, as all monotheist religions are anti-other religions.

P.S. I'm atheist, so this is fairly objective =D
Yay! I love the people here saying cheerleading is a sport! (Not!)

Now, It may be demanding to lift 100 pounds with 2,3,4 people, but you ever tried stopping (<---keyword) 200, going fast? No? really? i thought you guys were saying don't knock it till you try it. Cheerleading just doesn't match up, mainly because there isn't anyone trying to STOP you doing that flip. I'll give you flexibility, you need that, but strength? hardly. demanding? nope. 3 minutes at a time? OH MY GOD! 3???!!! oh wait, soccer players play the whole game, no breaks, football players play for 5-10 (offense or defense, they switch). Hockey players play 30secs - a min at a time BUT WAIT! 30 secs later, they're back out there, taking CHECKS, knocking around a little disk (hand-eye coordination, anyone?). Ever try stopping a 3v1 rush against a good team? Ever played lacrosse? let me sum it up: you've got a stick, there is a net on the end, there is a ball, get ball into opposing goal, use stick to hit, slash, crosscheck, anything you need, to get that ball in their goal. Don't talk about injury threat, 200 pounds HURTS, bad. falling into 4 feet into arms doesn't. Sure there are accidents, but that happens in every sport. Risk of death is not higher for cheerleaders then for other athletes. 200 pounds of muscle hitting the wrong place can mess with heads, spines, and any loose limbs. Cheerleading may be hard, but it's nothing in comparison to all the other true sports out there.

Oh yes and, you are not all stupid, that stereotype comes from the fact that no brains are needed to cheerlead.
Me: nice flip, can you do it with that guy trying to hit you out of midair with his stick? Cheerleading is for whimps.
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