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so lame that it hurts.
person 1: hey, man, jo called for you.
person 2: jo who?
person 1: jo mama
person 2: that was so fucking lurt, man.
by ((make yourself!)) August 19, 2004
1. a redneck
2. a filthy person
3. a cigarette
4. a grain often served in southern states as breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
when grits want to express feelings, they often say 'hewwwwww!'
by ((make yourself!)) October 09, 2004
the opposite of lots; none.
used to confuse people into thinking that you will do something when you will, infact, not.
mom: shawn, go do your homework and clean your room
shawn: lults.
by ((make yourself!)) October 24, 2004

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