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4 definitions by (^(oo)^)v

used to describe a situation which falls short of expectations.

the situation should evoke feelings similar to those felt from the service experience at poshly decorated but poorly staffed four-star hotels vs. their better-staffed five-star peers, i.e. not completely horrible, but missing that extra something that earns coveted star #5.
only 2 bartenders on a saturday night in a bar that packed? how four-star!
by (^(oo)^)v February 07, 2009
67 2
overweight or generally having a large and unwieldy body shape

just as companies with too much debt are overlevered, so are people with too much fat
"did you see that girl dancing on the stage?"

"omg yea she was TOTALLY overlevered, she needs to do some major restructuring if she wants to dance up there"
by (^(oo)^)v February 09, 2009
58 5
the shopping district of a major city; examples include the Rue du Faubourg St.-Honoré in Paris, Madison Avenue in NYC and Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles.

time spent walking around an urban hiking trail is known as urban hiking
What are your plans for your vacation in Paris?

I'll be going to see all of the regular tourist attractions, and I'm really excited to visit the shops on the urban hiking trails! They're supposed to much bigger than the ones we have.
by (^(oo)^)v September 28, 2010
39 7
extensive shopping in a city shopping district (aka urban hiking trail) where paths or sidewalks adjoining different stores are open-air rather than enclosed.

the opposite of the typical mall shopping format found in a suburb, which is completely enclosed.
what did you do today?

oh, I went to the city for some urban hiking since the weather was so nice!
by (^(oo)^)v September 28, 2010
42 13