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The sparts, a group of violence loving players, reppin it out in Essex.
They derive there name from Sparta which was one of the greatest civilizations in history with warriors trained from birth, and so the sparts are aptly named.

The very reputation of The Sparts precedes them, they are known as being violent, loud, angry, harsh, murderous, and criminal but also as having a flair of creativity as well as being perfect gentlemen to the farer sex. “The gentlemen gangsters.”

Messing with the sparts usually ends in pain, yours. Bodies tend to turn up mangles and void of any remaining facial features. You will do well to fear them.

"holy shit its the sparts us mandem skum betta get the fuck outa here" or "oooh look its the sparts i think we should go talk to them there so hot"
by 'ard man March 05, 2008

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