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A temper tantrum delivered to its audience via text message.
Sorry about that embarrassing textantrum I sent you the other day.
by ™Mule September 07, 2011
A seduction undertaken via text message.
I totally failed to get laid with that sextduction I sent yesterday.
by ™Mule September 07, 2011
When two spastically charged people approach each other indirectly, at just the right angle to fall into mutual orbit.
I thought those two spazzes would both keep bouncing off normal people forever, but it looks like they've fallen into spazual orbit with each other.
by ™Mule September 09, 2011
An explosion of awkwardness.
I wouldn't stand too close to her if I were you; she's an awksplosion just waiting to happen.
by ™Mule September 09, 2011
When two spastically charged people smash into and annihilate each other and/or any possibility of a stable relationship.
Those two spazzes would be a perfect match if they could control themselves even a little, but I bet they'll just spaznihilate each other.
by ™Mule September 09, 2011

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