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a person who was been debating for many years, has learned everything there is to know about debating, and has achieved the title of masterdebater.
friend- "hey, i joined the debat team, and i need some practice."
me- "you don't want none of this, i'm a masterdebater."
friend- "what?"
by Овидий (ovid) July 13, 2008
word used to describe a stupid looking shirt or other article of clothing.
Me-hey man check out my new shirt!
Friend-dude, that shirt is retro ass dumb.
by Овидий (ovid) July 10, 2008
a kick ass word that describes a running action. Used when saying you're going somewhere.
Me-yo,imma go to your house.
Friend-coo, hurry up.
Me-aiight, imma jamboogie over there right now.
by Овидий (ovid) July 10, 2008

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