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One who is some straight trash at any of the COD series online; One who does not have a k/d above .65 and is owned, poned, or fried often and cries blaming a younger relative for playing and ruining their game.
Jack: dude that kid sucks at COD! He's 3 and 42 hahah!

Jeff: I know man, he's my cod-slave!
by ďř.mxp¥ January 17, 2011
One who has so much sex that they begin to resemble a horse; a person that totally wrecks house in all aspects of life.
Joe: Dude do you see this s**t?!

Sam: Yea, that kid's a total vag-stallion at cod!
by ďř.mxp¥ January 17, 2011
( vāj - stağ) noun, verb, adjective. The act of completely "poning" or "destroying" an adversary to the point that they look soft and slow; Something that is really awesome for one party, but usually bad for another.
John: what the hell! Did you see that car explode?!

Alex: Yea dude, that was totally vag-stag!


Paul: nice kill dude, you're totally frying these kids!

Davis: yea dude, it's total vag-stag.
by ďř.mxp¥ January 16, 2011
Something that is totally bullshit; an action that has negative consequences; a universal word for anything, good or bad.
Kyle: o my god! Are you kidding me dude? We're getting sent to school in this weather, again? This is some straight vag-stag(2)!

Jay: shut up you wench!

*note: word does not include (2)
by ďř.mxp¥ January 17, 2011
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