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Egging is fun prank that the youth of today enjoy alot. It is the art of throwing eggs, usally at cars, houses and sometimes people. Its really annoying, stinks and is a bitch to clean off. But its fun to do, to watch people shout at you and looks great when the egg explodes all of a surface, even better if its a person! When you throw loads of eggs at one thing it is called slaugtering. It is usally done on halloween.
"Lets go egging tonight"

"We just slaughtered that guys car!"
by {~Forrest~} October 30, 2005
The art of running over cars which either sets the alarm off or damages the roof. Its great fun a night, but do it quick. If you get caught your fucked up. People don't want you running over thier cars, do they? Its done alot in the UK, i dunno about the US. Sports cars are the best. I like to do this along with egging. Its great fun, i suggest you go try it.
"Wanna go out egging and car runnin tonight?"

"Shit those little fucks are car running my merc!"
by {~Forrest~} October 29, 2005
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