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A Kappa Slappa (or female chav) can often be found around town centers. are attracted to shiny gold rings and necklaces, earrings that rest on their shoulders,fake berberry scarfs, trackies, fake pink burberry schoolbags (if they bother to attend school that is) and "sport" brand clothing. usually loses virginity at 12 and has had 20 sexual parteners by the time they are 14. their growth is usually stunted by chain-smoking that started at the age of 10 and the addiction to crack they obtained at the age of 15.
9:00 kappa slappa says to chav 1: do you wanna shag?
chav 1: yea.
11:00 kappa slappa says to chav 2: do you wanna shag?
chav 2: yea
(repeat every two hours)
by {ben} April 30, 2005

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