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He is the lead vocals in Linkin Park. He is a Rocker by all means. Oh and his job before linkin park was a waiter.
Chester is a freaky cool guy.
by {TIA} Faulkenberry February 12, 2005
Mike was born 2/11/1977 in Angora. California. He is an artist, a musition, and a husband. He is Fine and smart and so talented. I'm a die hard fan and won't scream if I meet him. He is part of linkin park and is 1/2Japanese And 1/2Anerican. He is a good role modle and is the the 1 thing that keeps the band together.
TiaMike is my role modle
AshleyMike is hot
TiaYes but he is also cool
by {TIA} Faulkenberry February 12, 2005
Linkin Park Is An Awsome Band. Don't Deny It! 2 vocals, 2 guitarist, 1 DJ, 1 bassist, And 1 keybord. They are awsome nerds letting out all their pain from high school and life. With 2 albums out and 1 being the best selling of 2001.You can't beet that!
A lot of nerds letting out their pain in their vocals.
by {TIA} Faulkenberry February 12, 2005
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