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1. (n) A person lacking experience and/or common sense (see also nub, newbie, noob, n00b, nublet);

2. (n) A delicious confectionary treat offered to someone who displays the characteristics defined above, specifically for those players of Counter Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source. (as seen on www.cleverdragon.com)
1. -- Shut up you nubcake!
-- You are such a nubcake, go get some skillz!

2. -- Give that kid some nubcakes so he doesn't feel so bad.
-- That kid just served you some nubcakes!
by {CD}Gonzo July 19, 2006
1. (adj.) Being extraordinarily adept at something derogatory; specifically someone with less than average skill at Counter Strike Source and Day of Defeat Source (as seen on www.cleverdragon.com).
1. -- You are such a flamey nubcake!
by {CD}Gonzo July 19, 2006

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