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cyber goths or "cybers" belive in a prolonged life by means of either natural increased lifespan , as in our life spans have increased naturally , where we could only live till 20 max in the past we now have 100 year olds , or by advanced technology , they belive that in the future we will be transhumanoids , (part human , part robot ) so that we can eventually live forever as our internal organs will be machine powered so theres less chance of failure , but as with most things this has now become a fashion trend , cyber goths wear cyber goggles , dreads , and bright coulour , they usually listen to industrail music and go to raves
person :hey cyber why do you have that computer chip stuck to your face ?

cyber goth: i am slowly turning into an android , one day i will be a trans-humanoid

person: riiiiiiiiight
by ^^electra^^ April 10, 2007
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