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1 definition by ^^SCENIEBOPPERX<3

"Emo" Is just a genre of music, although people use it as a label. Just to let you guys know.. You can't really be emo... i think the style you are looking for is "scene". Emo music includes bands like 'Hawthorne Heights' or even 'Portraits of the past'. If you call youself "Emo" You are probably a poser, sorry. And never confuse "Emo" with "Punk" or "Goth" please.

Girl: Lyk omg i am so emo, i hate my life and slit my wrists. i am gonna go sit in the corner and cry alone!

Boy: Wow, you are such a poser. *listens to escape the fate*

by ^^SCENIEBOPPERX<3 April 06, 2009